Bruxism Nightguards Protect Your Smile And Prevent Pain Too

Do you wake up in the morning with painful teeth and jaws? It’s possible you’re clenching or grinding your teeth during the night. You don’t have to endure the discomfort – your dentist can help you find a solution.

If you have the following symptoms, you might be struggling with bruxism:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Jaw soreness or facial pain
  • Dull headaches in the morning
  • Tiredness and poor sleep

Stress and anxiety are common causes of this condition. You are also at a higher risk if you use alcohol, cigarettes, consume a lot of caffeine, have sleep apnea, or have crooked teeth.

How wearing a bruxism nightguard can help

Fortunately, bruxism is easy to treat by using a custom mouthguard at night. The mouthguard will be created by your dentist, fitted exactly for your mouth and teeth. This allows you to sleep comfortably while protecting your teeth from grinding together.

When you wear your mouthguard at night, you’ll sleep better and protect your tooth enamel from damage. You won’t have to worry about cracks, chips in your teeth, broken restorations, or other issues.

You can find an over-the-counter mouthguard, but they won’t be nearly as durable or customized for your mouth. A dentist-created nightguard is made from high-quality materials and is comfortable, meaning you’ll be more likely to keep using it over time.

Along with your mouthguard, you might benefit from practicing stress-reduction techniques, exercising regularly, reducing the use of alcohol and tobacco, and leading an overall healthy lifestyle.

If you’re ready to sleep better at night and wake up with less pain and tension, a bruxism mouthguard from Dearborn Family Smiles may be the perfect solution. Contact us to set up an appointment to review your situation. We’ll take a look at your mouth and jaw and let you know what will work best for you.