Digital X-Rays: Great For The Environment And Amazing For Your Smile

If you’re like many people, you have memories of going to the dentist as a child and dealing with traditional film x-rays. You had to bite down on a square that was very uncomfortable for some people, hold still, and get the pictures taken. Then the uncomfortable film was shifted a bit and the process repeated several times.

Today technology has taken us leaps and bounds beyond those uncomfortable, time-consuming x-rays. Today’s digital x-rays are fast, comfortable, and much safer for people of all ages.

Digital x-rays expose you to up to 90% less radiation than those old-style films, although even the old ones didn’t have high levels of radiation either. And because your x-rays are digital, the information is sent straight to a computer, so there’s no need to develop the films and use chemicals as was the case with traditional x-rays.

Other Benefits of digital x-rays

Once we have the images on the screen, computer technology allows us to zoom in and magnify specific areas. That was never possible with traditional x-rays. Today we can get a much clearer picture of what problems there are and whether you need treatment.

If we decide to consult a specialist, we can quickly email images to them. We store your x-rays digitally and can retrieve them very quickly, without having to dig through physical file drawers.

Today’s digital x-rays are environmentally friendly because they are entirely on the computer. We don’t have physical files that create waste, and we don’t need to use harsh chemicals to develop them. Our land and water remain safe while we use digital imaging.

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