Love Your Beautiful Smile Faster With Same-Day Crowns!

If you have damage to your teeth or significant cavities, you might wonder what you can do to get your confidence and your smile back. The answer is often cleaning the tooth and installing a crown over it to repair the damage and restore the tooth to a natural look. In fact, over 15 million Americans have crowns today.

Having a crown can give you a huge boost of confidence. You no longer need to worry about an unsightly tooth or damaged smile, and the increase in self-esteem can impact many areas of your life.

However, getting a crown is traditionally a long process. You’ll start with an exam, and then have your tooth cleaned and shaped. A mold is taken and sent to a lab, and you get a temporary crown while you wait. A couple of weeks later you have another appointment to get your permanent crown.

Same-day crowns have changed all of that!

Now you only need one appointment. You’ll still have an exam, and the tooth will be cleaned and shaped, but then your dentist will use an in-office machine known as CEREC to make your same-day crown.

When it’s finished, your permanent crown will be bonded in place and you’ll walk out with a fresh, confident smile the very same day! You’ll save time as well because you won’t need to come back for another appointment.

What are the benefits of a same-day crown? Here are just a few:

  • No more worrying that you’ll dislodge your temporary crown
  • One appointment and you’re completely done
  • Same-day crowns are high-quality ceramic and will never show a black line at your gumline
  • Crowns are precisely measured and designed for a predictable look and fit
  • They’re durable and you can immediately eat and use your mouth normally.

Are you ready for the benefits of a same-day crown? Contact us for an appointment today!