Rethink Root Canals – They Can Save Your Beautiful Smile!

You’ve probably heard people refer to root canals as one of the worst things you can go through, but the truth is quite different. Today’s technology means that not only are root canals more effective at saving damaged teeth, but they are also less painful than they used to be.

When you remove a tooth, you’re left with a gap that is hard to manage. The gap can cause bone loss in your jaw, attract bacteria and food particles, and cause other teeth to shift as well. Once a tooth is removed, it’s important to replace it with an implant or other device to prevent additional damage.

It’s best to keep your natural teeth if you can, which is where root canals come in. This procedure eliminates the bacteria causing an infection and prevents reinfection. You save your natural tooth and don’t have to worry about implants or dentures.

A root canal is a simple and efficient process that is similar to getting a filling. It’s relatively painless and can be finished in one or two appointments. After the procedure, you’ll be pain-free and back to eating, talking, and chewing normally.

Why should you save a natural tooth?

Teeth that have had a root canal can last a lifetime with proper care. You’ll just need to brush and floss normally and get regular dental checkups.

If you have pain in your teeth, significant decay, or injury that has cracked your tooth, it’s important to see a dentist about treatment. There’s no reason to fear root canals. The procedure can save your natural tooth and relieve your pain.

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Protect Your Smile with a Root Canal in Dearborn, MI

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