Dental Crowns In Dearborn Can Protect And Reignite Your Smile

Three women smiling in a group

At Dearborn Family Smiles, many of our patients have had dental crowns (or crown & bridge treatment) to restore their beautiful smiles. But many haven’t, and we often get questions about what a crown is and why we would place one. We’re glad to take a moment today to give you a general overview and let you know why this …

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Boost Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Middle aged couple cuddles together showing off their beautiful dental veneers

Do you feel self-conscious about your teeth? Dental veneers can be a practical solution to restore your smile and your confidence. People choose dental veneers for many reasons. Some people love the fact that this cosmetic dental procedure is pain-free. Others love that you often don’t need general anesthesia. Still, others love that it’s a quick way to restore a …

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Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile And Quality of Life

Retired couple with dental implants embraces in bed

Losing one or more teeth doesn’t have to spell the end of your healthy, beautiful, natural-looking smile. At Dearborn Family Smiles, we’ve rejuvenated many patients’ smiles and protected their oral health for future years with dental implants. Did you know… If you happen to lose just one tooth due to gum disease, decay, or trauma,neighboring teeth will shift, potentially causing …

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Invisalign – A Clear Alternative From Your Dentists In Dearborn

close up of a woman putting an Invisalign clear aligner on her top teeth

Remember the braces that looked like train tracks on teeth? The ones you couldn’t hide if you tried? Invisalign from our dentists in Dearborn can change how you feel about orthodontics. At Dearborn Family Smiles, we’re proud to provide removable, clear aligners by Invisalign®. This innovative treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for. Some of the other benefits of …

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Your Dentists in Dearborn Welcome You To Our New Website

Welcome to the new online home of Dearborn Family Smiles – your Dentists in Dearborn! We’re happy to welcome you – and are sure you’ll find answers to many of your questions right here! If you’re currently looking for a dentist in Dearborn for yourself or your family or have been referred to us by a family member, friend, or …

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